IIT JEE Chemistry Video Lectures

Chemistry involves multiple concepts so it requires thorough planning and time management. Generally, in case of inorganic chemistry, students find direct questions based on topics like Periodic Properties, etc. Questions in Physical and Organic Chemistry are more application based so; students need to sharpen their concepts.

Our Chemistry Video Lectures for IIT JEE are delivered by reputed faculties having experience worth over 20 years.

We also suggest students to solve as many as practice papers as possible; especially past 10 years question papers inorder to improve their accuracy, efficiency and moreover their time management skills

About the Course:
Lecture Duration:  approx. 160 Hours  
No. of Topics Covered: 26

Topics Covered:





Physical Chemistry (PCHE)

Basic concepts of Chemistry

Atomic Structure 

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Oxidation Reduction

Gaseous state

Thermo-dynamics and Thermo-chemistry

Equilibrium (Physical , chemical and Ionic equilibrium)

Organic Chemistry (OCHE)

IUPAC Nomenclature

Electron displacement in a molecule


Type of organic reactions (Mechanisms)


Inorganic Chemistry (ICHE)

Periodic Table and Periodic Properties

Physical Chemistry

Solid state



Chemical-kinetics and radioactivity 

Surface chemistry, Catalysis and colloidal chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Halogen containing compounds


Phenols and ethers

Aldehydes and ketones

Carboxylic acids

Carboxylic acid derivatives

Nitrogen containing compounds

Inorganic Chemistry

Complex Compounds